Video: Muslim Scholar Admits Jesus Died by Crucifixion!

As Wood points out at the beginning of this video, the vast majority of Muslims (both today and historically) deny that Jesus died on the cross. Wood’s video goes over the historical reliability of Jesus’ death while showing this recent Muslim admission! Acts17Apologetics: Did Jesus die on the cross? According to the Quran (4:157), Jesus didn’t die and wasn’t crucified. The most common Muslim interpretation of this verse is that Allah miraculously disguised someone else, and that this other person was crucified in Jesus’ place (substitution theory). Sheikh Imran Hosein, a world-renowned Muslim scholar, calls the standard Islamic view “pathetic nonsense” and “absolutely sinful.” Why does Sheikh Imran reject the most common Islamic position? David Wood discusses the issue. To watch Sheikh Imran Hosein’s full lecture (“THE QUR’AN THE MESSIAH AND AKHIR al ZAMAN”), click here:…






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