Apologetics 315 Podcast 068 – Apologetics and Parenting with Brett & Erin Kunkle

Today’s Show Notes:Episode 068 – Apologetics and Parenting with Brett and Erin Kunkle In this episode, Brian Auten interviews Brett & Erin Kunkle on the topic of parenting and apologetics. A great discussion! 0:30 – Intro to the topic1:06 – About MAVEN and Brett & Erin2:30 – What is MAVEN?4:12 – What is a worldview approach so important when parenting?10:04 – How can parents adopt an intentional approach to discipleship?22:20 – How to integrate practices of discipleship with our kids31:10 – It’s okay to feel inadequate; just learn with your kids!32:10 – If parents could only learn ONE thing, it should be THIS…39:36 – What about the fear that we’re not doing enough as parents?45:50 – Encouragement for parents who think they’ve failed their kids54:55 – About the Strong Women Podcast Further resources:MAVEN MAVEN Parent Podcast Strong Women Podcast Record your questions here. (Or Email them to us here.) We…






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