Content Cluster Muster [03-31-22]

Open Road

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Well Then

A Song I Really Like for Some Reason

Found in a Book I Am Reading

There was a brave soldier, a Colonel,
Who swore in a way most infolonel;
But he never once thought
As a Christian man ought
He imperiled his own life etolonel.

Registration Still Open for NSA Called Conference

Axed for Violating the Community Standards of a Souless Corporation

All is Vanity Saith the Preacher

Jokes I Like to Tell

Back in the days of the Cold War, the USSR was ruled by a man named Leonid Brezhnev. As was common with the rulers of this communist republic, he had done quite well for himself.

As his mother was getting on in years, he wanted to give her a gift that would be truly memorable, and which would be one that she would be able to enjoy for the rest of her life. That being the case, he decided that he was going to obtain a dacha for his mother, and for her, it would be an opulent and palatial second home.

Her birthday was coming up, and so he decided that he would surprise her on that birthday by driving her out there himself, and showing her around. When they arrived, they got out of the car and admired the view for a few moments. There were wooded hills behind it, a small lake, manicured grounds, and much more. The place was spectacular, and when Leonid told her that all of it belonged to her, she was flabbergasted . . . and delighted.

But as he was walking her around, showing her everything, her earlier joy started to evaporate. With every new feature, she seemed to get less happy. And by the time he got to the master bedroom, which had a balcony overlooking the lake, she was positively despondent.

They got back to the car, and we getting ready to leave, and by this point, she was almost in tears.

“Mother, don’t you like it?” he said.

“Oh, it’s not that,” she said. “It is lovely.”

He was puzzled. “I thought so. When you first saw it you were delighted with it.”

“Oh, I am still delighted with it. It is everything I could have wanted.”

“Then what could the problem possibly be?” Leonid said.

“It’s only . . . it’s only . . . oh, Leonid . . . Leonid, what if the communists come back?”

Because These Are Troubled Times

Made Me Laugh, Second Commandment Issues Notwithstanding

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